The Vera Project Redesign Project Image

The Vera Project Redesign

Revamping the brand's logo, icons, color palette, and website landing page, giving them a new look and feel.


January - March 2021


  • Web Designer


  • Figma

Vera's current branding doesn't match their mission

Taking a quick look at their current website landing page, the design appears rigid, which doesn't fit their mission, which is to foster personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art.

The Vera Project's Current Landing Page

Design Question

How might we design a cohesive visual system for The Vera Project?

Communication Goals

Vera is a space of bold expression, creativity, and passion

To redefine Vera's visual system and make it more cohesive, I brainstormed three main themes that I wanted to align with their mission and values.

Bold Expression

Vera provides professional facilities for screen printing, print & design, DJing, photography, live & recorded music, and many more, providing opportunity for people to freely express themselves.


Vera is a space for individuals to grow in their musical and artistic passions.


Vera is a place of thriving energy and youth participation in various activities for personal and community transformation.

Brand Book

Putting everything together

The final deliverable consisted of a brand book, detailing Vera's rebranded components. For the full brand book, see this document.

Brand book welcome page Brand book description page Brand book logo page Brand book refined logo page Brand book iconography page Brand book additional iconography page Brand book color palette page Brand book typography page Brand book images page Brand book website landing page Brand book thank you page