Jocelyn wearing coral t-shirt sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower

Hi again! Here's a little about me..

I first learned about design when I took a coding class in high school and learned how to use Javascript to code an interactive minigame for my class project. With interests in the intersection of design and technology, I began studying Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington.

I am passionate about creating digital products that are inclusive and user-centric. As a designer, I seek to bring people together using the products that I create, making meaningful impacts in their lives.

I am..

  • ✢ Taiwanese-American, in which I grew up with an appreciation for lots of family time, card games, and food during cultural celebrations
  • ✢ an avid baker
  • ✢ a foodie, always looking up new food places to try
  • ✢ a creative, catch me doodling, knitting, crafting, or using the occasional needle and thread
  • ✢ a tinker, I enjoy fiddling with physical prototyping and coding projects
  • ✢ a puzzler, I love logic puzzles and playing the NYT games

Outside of design, you can find me..

  • ✢ trying out new boba spots
  • ✢ documenting my foodie adventures
  • ✢ crafting with my friends
  • ✢ catching up on Chinese and Korean dramas on my watch list
  • ✢ going on drives while listening to music